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The Five-Step Journey of Crafting Excellence in Jewellery Manufacturing


At Trio Jewels, each jewellery project starts off with co-creation. We work with international partners and customers to thoroughly understand their requirements or needs to make sure that everyone is on the same page.

These collaborations look different depending on the situation. Sometimes a partner has a specific idea for us to sketch out and we give them visual representations to start off with. Other times, they might have pictures of the update or a brand-new item they want us to bring into reality. In other scenarios, a customer might want us to conjure up something new based on a certain category of jewellery and price range of diamond or coloured stone designs.

We believe that the best jewellery comes from collaboration. It’s a two-way dialogue between us and the client. They bring us their idea and price range and we create a design that stays true to both so that they’re 100% satisfied with the finished product.


One of the benefits of working with Trio Jewels is that we take ownership of the entire design stage. That means the client doesn’t need to hire a separate designer.

After interviewing the customer and brainstorming ideas, we employ sketches and CAD technology to conceptualize and visualize their ideas before starting production. Transparency at every step of the design process puts our partners’ minds at ease so they know what they’re getting right from the start of the project and there are no surprises.

Based on approvals, we go ahead in the production cycle or change it based on the partner’s needs and feedback. If they’re not happy with the rendering of the design, we won’t rest till it’s updated to fit their specifications and preferences. To this end, a designer might make 5-6 different options to present to a client to help guide the final concept that goes on to production.


Another advantage of going with Trio Jewels is that we do all the sourcing in-house, so clients don’t need to look elsewhere for this service. True to our core value of social and ethical responsibility, the diamond and coloured stones we use are sourced by RJC certified companies. Our customers get the confidence of knowing that the materials that comprise you’re their design were extracted and refined with integrity and honesty every step of the way.


We are involved in every aspect of jewellery making; from receiving gemstones and diamonds to crafting them into elegant jewels. We take pride in what we achieve and strive to break through any obstacle that may present itself.

Trio Jewels has established a reputation for cutting-edge technology and efficiency. Our in-house tech team develops software to enhance our existing ERP system, incorporating AI and external tech to reduce errors and improve productivity.

With our own premises and an expanded building, we have created a factory within a factory, where each department operates independently. From filing and polishing to design, our multiple internal factory units ensure consistency and excellence in our A-Z production process, distinguishing us in the global jewellery industry.


Clients turn to us for the unmatched quality and integrity of our designs. We take pride in having a multi-layered approach to QC here at Trio Jewels.

Each unit has its own QC team. One team focuses on just the metal of a design while another focuses on the stones. Additionally, we use a Fisher gold testing machine to test the carat of metal both before and after the casting process. A lab grown detection machine is used to triple check stones.

Last, but not least, a Final QC Team oversees the last steps of a design before it’s ready for the client and our QA manager oversees everything to ensure perfection.